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Joyful Sounds is having its 35th Birthday, and it's going to last the whole month of October, 2017. We would like your participation. If you used to listen to us on CKAN and CHOO back in the 80s you remember, three hours on each station, for a total of 6 hours, of 100% requests... and everyone, via the telephone, introduced their own request like "I'm Jason from Uxbridge and I'd like to hear Mylon Lefevre with Trains Up In The Sky." or "This is Colleen from Bradford, and I'd like to dedicate a song..."

Even today, full time radio stations in that area can't boast that they got 6 hours of non stop requests!

So today, the show is heard on more and more stations. In fact we added a station in Paraguay just the other day. Yeah. Paraguay, South America. And even better, if a local station doesn't carry Joyful Sounds, there are enough stations streaming worldwide that you can find multiple options to listen in on a computer or smart phone.

Over the years I've heard from so many of you, who would listen Sunday nights with a radio under the pillow, or join us and kids from every denomination for roller skating, first in Aurora, and later at The Terrace in downtown Toronto. Or our listener appreciation concerts at Cedarview. It was a phenomenon that affected a lot of us, and it was awesome. And your memories will be awesome, when you share them on the show.

Today, our new listeners have absolutely no idea about our past, about YOU.

So here's the plan....

I want to put you on the air again. Something short and sweet. A request, a memory, something about our past in common. And I'll get it on the air.

  1. You can record it on your voice recorder app on a smartphone (if you have a kid, ask them how), and send me the sound file,
  2. You can call us and leave it as a voice message or our new skype request line. Go onto skype and search for or 615-777-9394 (that phone number is for skype search, but it's not active to taking calls via telephone). Skype won't let me answer with a custom greeting, so it's just a generic "leave a msg" greeting.
  3. When recording your request or dedication, keep it simple. Stay relaxed. And if you need to, record more than one take.  If you're over 30, have a kid explain how to record it on your phone. if you set it down before you start, it won't contain the handling and rattling noises.
  4. if you want to reach me by text, 317-513-6493 but start out telling me who you are.
  5. if you want to send me your sound file, email to
  6. Here's the program log for the 28th-29th, which I will record October 22. Please review the list, and if your favorite is on there, go ahead, and send me a msg about the song, the show, etc.



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