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The Love of Jesus is on the air!



Ok. So here we are. The show runs every week. Back in the 80s, we used to do interviews on a Walkman, and it required us to be face to face. So we did a lot of interviews at GMA in the spring, and we'd rush home, edit them and drop them into shows for the next several months.

We invested in a phone patch, which allowed us to record from over the telephone, but it was truly second rate. The bandwidth and EQ were horrible and only worked on local radio ("We're looking forward to your concert next weekend") but never really, once we syndicated in 1988.

Of course, that's all changed. The vinyl has gone. The live mixer has gone. Reel tape and cassette have gone (although we still have them to pull stuff from our archives). Today the show is distributed by the Internet, and we don't mail CDs, DATs, or cassettes anymore, ever. And that's good.


So now, we ask artists to record specific memories or stories about specific singles. You can record these on your smart phones, creating a voice memo or audio file, and then emailing that file to me at

Your smart phone is a terrific voice recorder! But be careful about room noise, echo, and noise caused by handling the phone while you talk. Choose a room with drapes and carpet to absorb echo, if you can. And set the radio down on a flat surface, a small towel would absorb any table vibration. Then just speak normally. We'll edit it down, so don't worry about that.

We'll introduce your segment with your name such as "John Smith shares about 'Jesus Loves Me'" so you don't need to introduce yourself. For the content of your memory, you can make reference to the year of the song, and anything you'd like to share... how it was written, or something that happened in concert, or something that happened to you. We're looking at segments of 60-90 seconds after editing. These will be used more than once.

You don't have to reference us, thank us, this is just about you and the song. And email the intro and the song (if you're supplying it) in separate emails.

Here are instructions on how to record a voice memo and email it, on an iphone 5

on Android look for the app Sound Recorder. It's pretty similar to the iphone instructions.