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In an effort to fill our gold library, we're still seeking digitized, high quality versions of these songs. If you have them in mp3 or m4a, and are willing to share, email me. Thank you.


10 Pleasure Servin' You Jamie Owens-Collins


9 Happy Man B.J. Thomas
19 Hey Mon Danny Taylor
11 Love Eyes Jamie Owens-Collins


24 Never Turning Back Bruce Hibbard
13 Headin' Home BW Stevenson
22 Power Cruse Family
23 Gentle Touch Of Your Love Gerry Limpic



38 Sweet Communion Andrae Crouch
12 A Perfect Heart Bill Gaither Trio
20 Stop This Haulin' Water Cynthia Clawson
19 The Keeper Of My Love Donn Thomas
17 How I Love The Lord Evie
16 He Is The King Gary McSpadden


26 Bless Your Name Cruse Family
41 Battleline
Teri DeSario




The lists above are complete for those years and should not grow. Check back for updates as we remove songs, and add later years.

We are extremely grateful to Brian Goodman (WSNL), Kevin Collard (ex-WWCM), Mickey & Becki Moore, Farrell & Farrell, Scott Wesley Brown, David Meece, Don & Wendy Francisco, Michelle Pillar, the late Wendell Burton, and David Huff of David & The Giants all whom have provided digital music. (And that list continues to grow).